Meet Key App, a non-custodial crypto wallet without a seed phrase
Blockchain has revolutionized finance. However, the experience surrounding this technology is still perceived as being too complicated for those who are unfamiliar with decentralized finance.

Can you imagine your dad creating a wallet without the risk of losing his seed phrase and figuring out how to transfer money and pay for gas? We can’t, that's why we had the brilliant idea of giving decentralized finance a user-friendly interface.

Meet the Key App!
Current challenges
Before we started developing Key App, we started by identifying the main problems we encountered every day when using DeFi. None of the existing apps solved them entirely.
Loss of seed phrases. Billions of dollars depend on 12 or 24 words written on a piece of paper. Our finances deserve better technology.
The complexity of transaction fees. If someone in the fiat world told us that to send dollars we needed to attach some Mexican pesos to the transaction, which had to be bought separately, we would immediately walk away.
Cryptocurrencies are inconvenient to buy: you have to register on an exchange.
We developed Key App for users who want to ensure the safety of their funds. Key App is a non-custodial wallet, we have no control or access to your assets. No third parties or trusted parties involved. Users funds are in users hands.
How does Key App solve these issues?
No seed phrase
Seed phrases! You need to remember them, write them down somewhere and, oh, please, no screenshots! That’s so frustrating and difficult. According to Chainalysis, about 25% of all bitcoin are believed to be lost forever (yes, because someone lost their seed phrases).

We give you a non-custodial wallet with the access and recovery convenience of a bank app. We don't store your secret key, but we don't require you to remember a seed phrase either. Access to the wallet is implemented through Web3Auth - this is a new approach we implemented as a way to restore the wallet. You can restore the wallet with an Apple/Google account, your device and a phone number. You only need 2 of them to recover the seed phrase. Easy to restore!
Send crypto with ZERO commissions
The need to have SOL to pay for gas when sending tokens makes it difficult to use crypto assets. We all know the pain of having USDC but not SOL for fees. With Key App, you can forget about this forever. You’ll pay 0 for each transaction you send. The Key App has ZERO transaction fees on more than 160 tokens. We cover all the gas fees, you do not need a native token anymore when transacting.

We want you to use your tokens in everyday life the same way you use fiat currencies. If you send 20 USDС with Key App, you will send 20 USDС. Not $22 or $20 + gas price. Just 20 USDС. We fully cover the cost of the gas fee. The only limit here is 100 free transactions per day.
Send crypto to people, not addresses
Key App users can create unique, decentralized .key domains for free. You no longer need to use long addresses — instead, you can make quick and convenient transfers using easy to remember usernames. Username reservation is only available for new Key App users, but in the future we will make a convenient migration for wallets with the seed phrase
Buy crypto
One of the problems for many new users is finding payment solutions to buy cryptoassets at market price with minimal fees. We give you the opportunity to conveniently buy crypto with a bank card (with near instant crediting) or with a bank transfer. No need to use an exchange to buy more than 160 tokens.
Bitcoin is the first and largest cryptocurrency with multi-billion dollar liquidity. It is also one of the most used and valuable crypto-assets available in almost every corner of the DeFi space.

We know this and that's why, thanks to our integration with renProject, we have created a bridge between the Bitcoin and the Solana networks. Users can now create an address to receive and send BTC to the Bitcoin network for free. This also means that every BTC owner has access to financial applications with instant transactions and low fees.
Built-in Bitcoin bridge
Why did we build Key App on Solana? Because we want money to be fast and easily accessible. We took all the benefits of Solana and implemented them into Key App.
Solana provides high speed combined with low transaction costs.
The platform allows the creation of modern decentralised applications and develops rapidly, improving its infrastructure.
The Solana community is active, open, and friendly to develop with. In Solana, it’s easy to contribute with technology-driven products and integrate them into the community ❤️
Proudly built on Solana
What’s next?
We will keep working on simplifying your DeFi experience. In the next updates we will look to add a way to more easily access other cryptocurrencies and DeFi protocols.
Access to financial tools and applications
Investment opportunities and trading
Risk management
We are implementing deposit support based on the largest financial Solana protocol — Solend. Using Key App as your wallet, you will be able to earn on your crypto without leaving the app or taking any action.
We would love to hear what YOU want to see! Join our Discord and let us know.
Key App may charge no fees on the transactions performed in the application; some services, including swap, liquid and other protocols, may be provided by third parties, and additional fees may apply. Information related to interests, earnings, APYs and any other metrics, data, and information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any guarantee.
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