How to cash out money from crypto with Key App
In order to exchange a digital dollar for your local currency follow the instructions below. You will need to send a digital dollar from your account, after which we will transfer the funds to your IBAN. Payment usually takes 2-5 days.
Step 1
Click the Cash out button on the main screen.
Step 2
Please select the amount you wish to withdraw to your bank account. We will convert your digital dollars to your local currency at one of the most competitive exchange rates available.
Step 3
You will be taken to a confirmation screen. Check if the amount you want to receive is correct. If everything is correct, please proceed by clicking on the 'Continue' button."
Step 4
Add IBAN for your bank account. Please ensure that the filled data is accurate by conducting a thorough check.
Important! The bank account must be in your name only. Bank accounts belonging to other individuals are not suitable for withdrawing funds.
Step 5
You can easily send digital dollars from your Key app account to a one-time account that we'll create for you. Once we receive the funds from you, we'll convert them into your national currency and transfer them to your bank account. This process typically takes 2-5 business days.
Key App may charge no fees on the transactions performed in the application; some services, including swap, liquid and other protocols, may be provided by third parties, and additional fees may apply. Information related to interests, earnings, APYs and any other metrics, data, and information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any guarantee.
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