How to migrate from Sollet
to Key App
Popular Solana wallet has shut down and if you are wondering where to go next Key App’s got you covered.
You can easily recover your funds by importing your Sollet seed phrase into Key App and start benefiting from zero fee transactions today!
How it works
Install Key App
Open Key App and press the “I already have a wallet” button.
Set up your Key App wallet.
To recover your wallet, you will need the seed phrase. If you didn't write it down
you can find it in the file sollet.bak. This file was generated when you created the wallet.
Enter your 24 word seed phrase.
Click "Continue", enter and confirm your PIN.
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Key App may charge no fees on the transactions performed in the application; some services, including swap, liquid and other protocols, may be provided by third parties, and additional fees may apply. Information related to interests, earnings, APYs and any other metrics, data, and information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any guarantee.
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